Chair Arm Pads - Industrial

Neoprene Chair Armrest Covers - Standard
Standardized Soft Neoprene Armrest Covers. The tether attachment system uses durable grommets for simple attachment and compatibility with most armrests. The soft neoprene stretches to fit. Common Uses: office chairs, wheelchairs, lawn chairs, patio furniture... Pricing is per complete pair.
Desk Chair Armrest Pads - Diamond

Office chair armrest pads with a touch of style. The smooth cushion surface has a subtle diamond pattern that appears 3-dimensional under light. The attachment screw holes are spaced 4" apart.

Durable Chair Armrest Pads - Duro
Duro chair arm pads offer a durable design and medium-firm cushioning. A solid steel core runs most of the pad length. The bottom armrest attachment holes are spaced 4" from center to center.
Office Chair Armrest Pads - Gator II
Gator II office chair armrests offer attachment screw holes for both 4 inch and 5.5 inch spacing. These chair armrests are 12" long and 3" wide. Gator II has slightly softer cushioning than Gator I.
Desk Chair Armrest Pads - Pacific
Standard office chair armrest pads. Replace or upgrade existing chair armrests. Top quality polyurethane material. Bottom attachment screw holes are spaced 4" apart from center to center.