Wheelchair Armrests and Arm Pads

Neoprene Chair Armrest Covers - Standard
Standardized Soft Neoprene Armrest Covers. The tether attachment system uses durable grommets for simple attachment and compatibility with most armrests. The soft neoprene stretches to fit. Common Uses: office chairs, wheelchairs, lawn chairs, patio furniture... Pricing is per complete pair.
Velcro Strap Chair Armrest Pads
Geo armrest pads with cinch straps offer excellent cushioning and support for those hard plastic armrests. Pricing is per complete pair.
Custom Chair Armrest Covers
Cushion and protect your chair armrests with a pair of custom covers. Size and color options are available. This product is customized for your specifications.
Gel Chair Arm Pads - Ultimate
Ultimate Gel Armrests are designed for maximum comfort. 3.5" Wide x 10" Long. The universal attachment holes are compatible with both 4" and 5.5" center to center screw spacing. Pricing is per complete pair.
Elbow Friend Instant Elbow Cushioning
Elbow Friend armrest pads provide instant elbow comfort and arm support. The universal attachment system makes this an excellent choice for all kinds of chairs. Available in a variety of color options.
Wheelchair Replacement Armrest Pads
Black wheelchair armrest pads in Desk Length or Full Length. Pricing is per complete set (right and left) of wheelchair armrest pads.
Wheelchair Armrest Covers
MediWool armrest covers offer cushioned comfort for wheelchair users. These also work great for some office chairs. This plush Merino wool provides an extremely soft surface. Dimensions: 18" long x 8" circumference, closes with velcro.
ErgoRest Arm & Wrist Support
ErgoRest is a fully adjustable arm and wrist support. ErgoRest can relieve strain in the neck, shoulder, elbow, forearm and wrist. Built of sturdy aluminum alloy and tough nylon. Leather upholstered pad. Easy install with adjustable clamp.
Neoprene Armrest Covers - MLAC1
Soft Neoprene Armrest Covers. The tether attachment system is compatible with many chair armrests. Soft neoprene material plus extra foam cushioning. Uses: office chairs, wheelchairs, etc. Pricing is per pair.